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Associate with Lockwood Law Office since 2010.  Practices in the areas of civil rights, unemployment, family law, including divorce and child custody, criminal law, and other civil actions.
Representative Work:
Has obtained amicable divorces between parties;
Has helped to obtain unemployment benefits
for employees;
Has helped to preclude receipt of unemployment benefits for employees who
are not eligible;
Has had reversed an initial finding against an employer of probable cause of violation of
the Minnesota Human Rights Act;
Has advised employers on the best manner to ensure compliance with the Minnesota
Human Rights Act.

Admissions:  Minnesota
Hamline University School of Law
Dean's Scholar

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Direct Number:  651-280-4663

Timothy Kaine was a 1977 graduate of the hamline University School of Law and has earned his gray hair helping people in the greater Twin Cities area.

In 1976 he became one-half of the DWI Law Clinic and spent the next 2 years practicing criminal defense

He opened a solo law firm in 1978 and joined the law firm of Riley Scattarella, Kaine & Krave in 1980.

After 22 years brokering mortgages he returned to the practice of law by joining the Lockwood Law Office in 2010.  He brings a wealth of experience spanning criminal, mortgage, real estate and personal injury.

Having grown up on the Northside of Minneapolis, he appreciates that most people do not have unlimited funds with which to pay for legal work.

Always ready to help you!

Admissions:  Minnesota

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