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It was wet, icy, sunny, dark, or at dusk. It was raining, snowing, their lights were not working, or they were working on that oh so important text message or otherwise distracted. Whatever the excuse, someone ran into you.

You were taken to the hospital for treatment.  You lost wages when you couldn’t go to work.

Maybe you did not need a backboard to get out of the car or you did not go straight to the hospital. But that does not mean that you were not injured.

How was that first night sleep? Did you wake yourself up every time you rolled over? You were hurt more than you thought.

The consequences of even a minor accident could be with you for years, perhaps even the rest of your life. Protect yourself!

Talk to the Lawyers at the Lockwood Law Office at 651-631-0063. Our advice about an injury will never cost you a cent, but could save you thousands of dollars.


Call for a consultation today.  We are happy to lend a sympathetic ear at a time and place convenient for you.


Have you been charged with a crime?

Do you need someone to help you navigate the court system and advocate strongly for you?  To advise you so that you get the best possible outcome?


Every criminal charge, no matter how trivial has ongoing consequences.

That minor traffic matter can effect how much you pay for auto insurance for years; or make it easier for the State to take your license away if you make another mistake.

Yes that long weekend in jail for the DWI may not be a big deal for you. But can you even get insurance afterward and or at what price?

Your driving record can affect you getting that next job; or set you up for the Judge to throw away the key if you are charged again.

That little disagreement with the spouse could end with you charged with Domestic Abuse. The fine or time might not be all that bad, but now can you even own a firearm?

Are you in immigration proceedings which will be affected by your criminal history?

You don’t need to spend a fortune for solid, competent legal representation. Don’t ignore a small problem, let it fester for years or turn into a bigger problem.

Our Lawyers know the system.  They can protect you today and help you avoid worse problems in the future.


Call the Lockwood Law Firm at 651-631-0063 for a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.   

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