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Don't wait until ICE comes knocking at your door to call our office.  There are immigration laws in this country and people hired to enforce them.  The best time to deal with your status is when you are walking around free.  It is much more difficult after you have been arrested.  There are many ways to get legal status and we will help you find a way.

By calling us first, you have the best opportunity to remain in this country legally.

If you are a business trying to get work visas, we can assist you. 

At Lockwood Law Office we have attorneys who understand the immigration process and how the law affects you.

$100.00 for consultation to be applied to your retainer for the case.


We have attorneys who represent employees who have been wrongfully denied unemployment benefits by an employer who just doesn't want his rates to increase for his unemployment insurance premium.  An employee going it alone without legal representation and knowledge of the legal system may have a hard time to collect.  Let us help you get what is rightfully yours.

We also have attorneys who represent employers who have been wrongfully ruled against when their former employee was discharged for misconduct.  The statutes are quite clear as to the definition of misconduct and with documents to disprove the claim, we can protect the employer's bottom line.  We help to educate the employers so that they can avoid these contentious situations in the future.

Often the cases go to appeal and we can represent you to better assure that the Judge receives all the information to make a good decision.
Call us for a CONSULTATION to determine how we can help with your case.
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